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On the way back!

March 20, 2018

Since the beginning of this business we had used the services of Backprint to host and fulfill delivery of sports action photos. Starting with the Wyckoff YMCA Triathlon in June 2006 we shot 253 events, taking 2,128,228 photos of 389,221 athletes. And boy is my index finger sore!

As you may (or probably not) recall, in early January 2018 Backprint, a division of MarathonFoto, gave us one-week's notice that they were suspending operations. This was later extended to mid-February, but that did not help an upcoming January race. After a bit of scrambling we were able to find a hosting provider, photographed the race, and posted the photos for the athletes. 

With a little breathing room we started looking for a permanent provider. There are not a lot of choices out there. Several companies provide race photography and host the images themselves, but they are not in the business of extending their platform to partners. Other companies are strictly web hosting and order fulfillment, but these are are mainly geared to wedding and yearbook photographers. Forcing race events onto a wedding site just does not work. 

After a lot of searching we have chosen Zenfolio as the going forward platform. They 'almost' fit the need entirely and were smart enough to hire Aaron Latchaw who had just been let go by the closing Backprint. Aaron has opened their eyes to the business opportunity and they are working to make their platform a closer fit for race photographers. 

We'll be posting our first event on Zenfolio later today: The 2018 Caesar Rodney Half Marathon which was held in Wilmington, DE this past Sunday. Lenny Rogers Photography did all the hard work at the race and we're happy to work with him to get the photos online. 

In the coming weeks we will upload races from 2015 through 2017.

More to come. 


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On the way back!
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